The SchoolBlocks App

We believe it's the right app for the occasion.

The SchoolBlocks App is free and offers a unique app experience for each school. Our app enjoys higher download rates!

  • - School-based homescreen notifications
  • - Requires near zero mobile hard drive space
  • - Offline browsing
  • - Enhanced viewing experience

Through our news feature titled SchoolFeed, it's the perfect app to deliver school-safe news and web-content and helps rid your school of the harmful effects of social media.

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Mobile Apps

iOS & Android apps solved.

If you're looking for simple, effective and free, consider the SchoolBlocks app. If you're looking for robust two-way communication, consider one of our partners such as Parent Square, BrightArrow or Actionaly.

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Mobile Partnerships

Integrate other fantastic solutions

Our job is to enhance your entire technology landscape, no matter the solution. That's why SchoolBlocks integrates our favorite school-based apps such as ClassTag and Actionaly.

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