Discover the #1 School Website Platform based on Google integration

Through our integration points with Google Suite and Office 365, your account information, files, events and more stay hosted within your infrastructure. Enabling you to have the most secure, ADA compliant and easy-to-use website solution available today. Update a document or spreadsheet, click save and watch your website update automatically in an ADA compliant methodology!

All bias aside, SchoolBlocks is the best because of its winning combination of G-Suite integration, price and fantastic support.

Why schools switch to SchoolBlocks?

We shoulder the responsibility of content migration, review navigation best practices and provide a custom milestone-based timeline. In other words, we shoulder nearly everything!

SchoolBlocks is used in over 2,000 schools across 43 states. Please scroll down to watch videos of client feedback or feel free to call our clients to hear what they think of SchoolBlocks and our support.

Possibly the most common mistake a school makes is to have two solutions for a single challenge. For example, most website solutions offer the ability to create an event in their software. This causes some events to be stored on the website and some to be stored in Google Calendar. Causing both calendars to be less valuable. SchoolBlocks carefully avoids causing schools to have overlapping solutions.

$ 585 /year
  • Google & O365 Integration

  • Facebook, Twitter (& More) Access Points

  • Groups & OUs syncing

  • ClassBlocks

  • Webmaster Support

  • Always-up hosting

Our low price combined with the best solution available today feels like a winning combination...

We achieve our low price by leveraging other solutions whenever appropriate. Simplicity is achieved through proper integrations making our system less bulky and easier to support than our competition. Honestly, it's what a school website solution should cost!

Amazing Features

SchoolBlocks uses a mobile-first block design in order to look great on all devices.

  • Google and Office 365 Integration

    We support our schools by implementing best practices of 3rd party tools which allows SchoolBlocks to run beautifully.

  • ADA Compliant

    Everything is carefully built to be ADA compliant.

  • Drag & Drop Platform

    It's the first webmaster suite of tools that makes them smile. You'll see!

  • High Security & Support

    Permissions are automated through the highest level of security and we provide fantastic support.

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client 1

Andrews Independent School District

Dennis Haynie, Director of Technology

"On the technical side, we must constantly improve our server and network infrastructure to meet the needs of the classroom. On the instructional side, we must provide ongoing staff development and aligned technology resources that support instruction. SchoolBlocks fills the bill on all accounts.”

candler county schools logo

Candler County Schools

Tony Lescak, Technology and Communications Specialist

"I really like the block format because it moves you away from the desktop format. The blocks move around and it doesn't matter what you are on, it looks great.”

marienette school district logo

Lewiston Public Schools

Dave Theriault, Technology Direcotor

"The Google integration and the file sharing is one of the greatest assets of SchoolBlocks."

summit school district logo

Hearne ISD

Jeremy Gaston, Directory of Technology

"The transition over to SchoolBlocks has been so great and so smooth."

boone county board of education logo

Moffat School District

Vicki Haddan, Asst. to the Superintendent

"We were looking for a new host whenever we discovered SchoolBlocks and we were very happy with it. SchoolBlocks has terrific support."

boone county board of education logo

Granville County Public Schools

Kevin Lawler, Webmaster

"After 2 years with SchoolBlocks, we continue to be happy and see a long-term partnership with this vendor."

boone county board of education logo

Troy Community Consolidated School District 30-C

Ron Sarver, Technology Director

"SchoolBlocks has terrific support."

Core Team

SchoolBlocks is a dedicated and talented group of individuals committed to making school websites simple, clean and efficient.

  • mark sculco profile

    Mark Sculco

    Director of Sales

    Mark grew up in Boston and graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Studio Art. He moved to Colorado in 2000 to pursue his love for the outdoors and a career in graphic design. Mark worked for many large and small companies including Inc. Magazine, George P. Johnson, and The Myers Roberts Collective, before finding SchoolBlocks. Mark not only designed websites for many of his clients, including full marketing campaigns, but he also operated a letterpress studio, which remains his hobby. Mark lives in Basalt, Colorado with his wife and two young children.

  • PC Drew profile pic

    PC Drew

    Chief Technology Officer

    PC Drew is the chief technology officer of SchoolBlocks. Prior to SchoolBlocks, he was a 10 year veteran of the Marine Corps finishing his service as a Captain after serving in Afghanistan as a communications officer supporting over 1000 troops. PC is a graduate of the University of Colorado where he earned his bachelor of science degree in computer science. He is presently doing his master's coursework in interdisciplinary telecommunications at CU. His interests outside of work include enjoying the outdoors, spending time with his wife, son and daughter and traveling. Originally of McLean, Virginia, PC now lives in Carbondale, Colorado.

  • Bjorn Theart profile pic

    Bjorn Theart

    Senior Software Engineer

    Bjorn Theart lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Graduated from the Cape Technikon with a National Diploma in Information Technology. Developer of web applications for 10 years. Enjoys simplicity in life and applies the same thinking in software design. Avid trail runner and lover of the outdoors. Also loves to read, cook, hike, mountain bike, camp and take walks with his wife.

  • Ashley Johnson profile pic

    Ashley Johnson

    UI Design Developer

    Ashley Johnson is a Colorado native. She graduated with a BA and MA from Lehigh University. Ashley has built several businesses using her ui / ux skills including her own web design agency: Shaping Art. Ashley enjoys farming, rafting, skiing, travelling and going on adventures.

  • Stephen Shapiro profile pic

    Stephen Shapiro

    President & CoFounder

    Stephen Shapiro is the president and founder of SchoolBlocks. He graduated with a degree in management information systems and a masters of science in telecommunications from the University of Colorado. After graduation, Stephen founded SchoolFusion. After 10 years of providing website solutions to thousands of schools at SchoolFusion, his company was acquired by BlackBoard in 2010. Stephen started SchoolBlocks seeking to improve upon his previous efforts by building next generation web experiences for schools nationwide. An avid mountain biker and skier, Stephen currently resides in Carbondale, Colorado, with his wife and 2 young daughters.

  • iMaggie McVoy profile pic

    Maggie McVoy


    Maggie McVoy is the controller for SchoolBlocks. A native of Colorado, Maggie's hometown was Denver before relocating to Carbondale roughly 40 years ago. After studying at the University of Colorado, Maggie was the director of the Aspen Science Foundation where she managed their Brainteasers Summer Science camp for 10 years. She was also a realtor/broker with Aspen Sotheby's International Realty and the business manager of the Aspen Magazine before working for SchoolBlocks. In addition to this experience, Maggie published a paper on the "Informal Science in the Formal Classroom" in the Chicago Academy of Sciences. Her interests include reading, gardening and traveling.

  • Juno profile pic


    Team Lead

    By far the most important member of the team. She’s nice. She’s smart and a great lover of love.

  • Vanessa Vega profile pic

    Vanessa Vega

    Account Manager

    Vanessa is both a Project Manager and Graphic Designer. She is a Colorado native with a deep love for everything Colorado. She acquired her AAS in Graphic Design at the Isaacson School for New Media within Colorado Mountain College. She enjoys all forms of art, music, technology, film, big ideas and frolicking in the mountains.

  • David Golden profile pic

    David Golden

    Software Developer

    David is a junior software developer at Sopris Apps and lives in Carbondale, CO. Before entering into software development, David owned and operated a curbside composting company in Durango, CO. He is originally from east coast where he attained a B.S. in Environmental Science, and moved to Colorado following a cross-country road trip. Outside of software development, David enjoys trail running, backpacking, and anything else outdoors.

  • Ethan McVoy Profile Pic

    Ethan McVoy

    Software Developer


    Ethan is a Colorado Native. His favorite part of SchoolBlocks is the sense of gratification he gets when able to answer questions. Formerly a member of the Aspen Daily News, Ethan likes to be involved in many different facets of problem solving, whether it is mechanical or theoretical. While away from work Ethan enjoys Golf, Skiing, Hiking, Rafting, Pretty much anything fun under the sun!

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