Why ADA Compliance is important for school websites?

The Americans with Disabilities Act was instituted in 1990 in an effort to end discrimination based on differing abilities. Public school websites are required to be ADA compliant through Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Trying to figure out what constitutes an ADA-compliant website can be difficult. That is where SchoolBlocks comes in! Accessibility issues are categorized in four distinct groups under WCAG guidelines. They are as follows:


These are issues that affect a user’s ability to find and process information on a website (for example, providing audio descriptions for video content).



These are issues that impact a visitor’s ability to navigate and use a website (such as ensuring that all site functions and navigation can be operated via keyboard-only commands).



These issues concern a user’s ability to discern and comprehend all information and navigation on a website (such as composing error messages that include a clear explanation of the error and direction for correcting it).

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These issues involve a website’s ability to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of users with disabilities (such as testing compatibility with all leading screen readers and ensuring that those capabilities can be upgraded in the future).


ADA compliant checklist:

SchoolBlocks works seamlessly to implement main components of ADA compliance including A) Keyboard Navigation, B). Screen Reader Friendly and C). Readable Content. Here are some rules and checklists suggested by Siteimprove:

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  • 1. Read the law documentation.
  • 2. All media files and maps should have an “alt” tag.
  • 3. All your online forms should have descriptive html tags.
  • 4. All hyperlinks should have a descriptive anchor text.
  • 5. All pages on your website have “skip navigation” links.
  • 6. All the text content should be structured using proper heading tags.
  • 7. All PDF files should be accessible.
  • 8. All videos should have subtitles, transcripts and audio description.
  • 9. The color contrast of your web pages should be sufficient according to WCAG.
  • 10. All fonts should be accessible.
  • 11. All HTML tables should be populated with column headers, row identifiers and cell information.
  • 12. All audio files on your website should have a written caption.
  • 13. All call to action buttons on your website should have an accessible name and an ARIA label.
  • 14. All your website should be accessible with keyboard navigation.
  • 15. Have a website accessibility policy page.
  • 16. Have easily locatable contact information to allow users to request accessibility information.
  • 17. Test your website accessibility according to the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • 18. Automate your website accessibility check to prevent missing critical accessibility issue ADA compliance guidelines a website according to WCAG.

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