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SchoolBlocks creates a home for the vast amount of information on education websites, while establishing a stronger sense of organization in the process. The information schools provide to parents, students, and other educators is vital. If no one can find it, it's useless. SchoolBlocks makes it easier for people to find what they need, quickly.

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Happy Schools

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Blocks Created


Successful Webmasters

Our blocks are interactive and customized to the user visiting the site.

SchoolBlocks uses the proper ratio between Navigation & Browsing. Accommodating both "Navigating" & "Browsing" behaviors while establishing a sense of organization and professionalism is why SchoolBlocks looks different than the rest. The navigation system serves quite a different user experience than our browsing behaviour. Our navigation items offer both efficient drill-down methodology while leveraging larger text formats, icons and descriptions. Our browsing experience offers content that is interesting, engaging and efficient to consume.

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Drag & Drop

The intuitive and flexible drag & drop editor saves time and is just plain fun.


When you combine the ability to resize blocks with drag-n-drop, you get total flexibility while looking sharp.

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Responsive Design

Drag-n-drop on desktop translates into great looking tablet and mobile screen sizes.

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3rd Party Integrations

Your technology landscape was carefully curated. Let the 'blocks' in SchoolBlocks bring them together.

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Designers on Call

Need a logo? A banner? Or just a pretty winter scene? Our designers are ready to help acheive your vision.

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Flux Capacitor

That's right! SchoolBlocks has a feature called the "Flux Capacitor." Can you guess what it does?

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