SchoolBlocks is ADA Compliant

Here's why

Alt Text

All images, graphics, form image buttons, or linked images must have equivalent alternative text (alt text).

These descriptions are picked up by a screen reader and allow isually or cognitively disabled users to experience the content and function of the non-text content on the website. With our content blocks, all non-text content can be supplemented with alternative text to fulfill this compliance standard. Any users interacting with this content through the use of assistive technology will be able to enjoy your SchoolBlocks Website regardless of disability.

Contrast Ratios

Some people have difficulty seeing text and colors that do not have a great enough contrast with its background.

Those who have a color-blindness disability need to be able to distinguish text over background color. This applies to everything on your site - buttons, links, text on images. All aspects of the SchoolBlocks platform have been engineered with this in mind.

These standards define that the background colors for the page must be 3 times darker (or lighter) than the text color for large text (18pt or 14pt bold), and 4.5 times darker (or lighter) for small text. We have applied proper colors to meet these ratios throughout the site, ensuring that our features are available to any user.

Tables & Charts

SchoolBlocks does not have any internal chart or table builders, instead this type of content is integrated by linking accessible documents from Google Drive of Office 365, putting the user in control of creating their own compliant tables and charts.

Any data in tables or charts on the website must have header and row identifiers​ to display information or data. Data table captions and summaries​ should be used where appropriate to help a person using a screen reader understand the information in the table.

We also go a step further in addressing these challenges with collaboration from ADA compliance by offering specialized training and support to all website contributors. Specialized features are also being developed to ensure all content stays compliant over time.

Headings & Navigation

The SchoolBlocks platform is designed from the ground up to be accessible and navigable through a myriad of assistive technologies. This increases the 'robustness' of the system according to the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

All aspects have been designed with proper cascading heading structures, as well as many other internal aspects to ensure any user, regardless of sensory disability, can easily navigate the website and it's contents.

SchoolBlocks is also completely usable through just a keyboard! Designed with WAI-ARIA standards in mind, the system is coherent and concise when it comes to all navigation methods.

Audio & Visual Content

This accessibility standard dictates that any video-content must have closed captioning (YouTube, Vimeo, SchoolTube, etc.) and the website must provide descriptive text transcript for web-based audio.

Through our advanced integrations, linking any content from major video hosts like those listed above will provide an embedded video player with closed captioning available right on the webpage, without having to navigate away from the website!

Audio content can also be easily supplemented with descriptive text transcripts with the SchoolBlocks modular content system. Even personal audio and video files from Google Drive/ Microsoft OneDrive can be integrated with complete compliance.


SchoolBlocks integrates with many form and survey tools to create a compliant feedback system.

Our advanced integrations with 3rd party tools like Google Forms allow users of SchoolBlocks to embed forms right on the webpage, ensuring any feedback is obtained through compliant and accessible methods.

SchoolBlocks goes further in integration than any other solution today, letting you choose the best tool on the market rather than an internal feature. We ensure these integrations are presented in a coherent fashion to meet the needs of any user.