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The "Blocks" in SchoolBlocks.


Why ClassBlocks for Teachers?

ClassBlocks leverages Google Classroom and sprinkles in some Pinterest user experience to create an ideal learning management solution.

SSO: Through the use of Google Apps & O365 as our host of all account information, ClassBlocks intentionally avoids storing all usernames and passwords.

Events: Google & O365 Calendars are the best calendar solution available today. If you offer others, it's a mess! That's why we integrate instead of add to that solution.

Files: When your LMS includes files management, you're paying for something in one place, while receiving a better solution for free in another (i.e. Google & OneDrive). The ClassBlock integration is what you want instead.

Parents: Teachers need to communicate more than just homework assignments to parents. We all know the more the involved parent, the higher the achieving student. Therefore, putting an effective parent communication platform on top of Google Classroom makes sense.

The Block Types

   The following series of videos describe the primary block types.
Message Block

Messages are a simple way to add anything from a quick note to a slideshow to your grid. Messages scroll automatically when you insert more than one.

Page Block

The block is a window into a normal webpage where you can add all kinds of content using the entire screen. Our editor uses the most progressive methods by providing predesigned content elements to make sure everyone creates beautiful pages with ease.

File Block

Files come from Google Drive or Office 365ís OneDrive via the share link. When you share an individual file, the contents appear within the block. When you share a folder, the list of files and folders found within the block appear.

Events Block

Create a list of upcoming events, rather than a full month view. Use the instructions to import the calendar from Google, Apple (iCloud), and Microsoft Office 365.

HTML Block

Create anything and everything with the HTML block. While most users use this block to include "embed" code from other sites, you can go beyond by building your own widget.

Social Feed Block

Include the social media feed from a multitude of sources within your grid. The grid always keeps the feed up-to-date.