Excellence Across All Devices


Optimized Views
  • Desktop
  • Tablet Landscape
  • Tablet Portrait
  • Large Smartphone
  • Smartphone

Conforming to the latest mobile methodologies. SchoolBlocks goes beyond 'responsive design' by altering text and image sizes to be screen size appropriate.

Google Apps & SchoolBlocks belong together

Leveraging the Google API tool set allows SchoolBlocks to deeply integrate with Google.

Google Users

User Management

Accounts with permissions are managed with Google.

Google Calendar

Calendars & Events

All event data is stored in Google.

Google Drive

Folders & Files

Files feel like they're stored in SchoolBlocks. But they're not.

Google Classroom


ClassBlocks + SchoolBlocks The perfect LMS


User Accounts
  • Resides in GAFE or 365
  • No storage of usernames
  • No storage of passwords
  • SSO Across Apps
  • Adopts AD permissions

SchoolBlocks does not require a hole in your firewall like so many other solutions. Account creation and provisioning of permissions is automated through GAFE or 365 API.

Highest Level of Security Possible

User Experience

Customized for the administrator, teacher, student & parent

Drag & Drop Content management
methods that work.
Personalized Search Results are unique
to the person.
Schools & Teachers Making schools and
teachers look their best.
My Account Combining feeds, events
and more for all users.

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